Perfect Neapolitan Pizzas in the Pizzas Sixty Gas Oven

Pizza is a simple combination of dough, sauce, and cheese. Yet it is a dish that is adored throughout the world. Be it through the popular chains or local pizzerias in each country that make delectable addictions according to the food culture.


While pizzas need no introduction of their own, the most common types of pizzas consumed worldwide are Neapolitan, Chicago, and New York-style pizzas.


Neapolitan Pizza

The original pizza dates back to the 18th century from the city of Naples, Italy. Pizza came into being to serve the appetite of the poorer citizens of the city. It was a quick eat and soon became resonant with the culture. Vendors on the streets of Naples used pizza-making machines (ovens) to make pizzas topped with fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, olive oil, oregano, and basil leaves.


Chicago Pizza

Chicago pizza came into being when the Italian immigrants were looking for a familiar taste to their Neapolitan pizza in Chicago, USA. But the crust became thicker and ingredients were shuffled to include mozzarella at the bottom followed by meat, veggies, and finished off with a can of tomatoes.


New-York Style Pizza

Large and crisp cheese-loaded slices are what represent the New York-style pizzas. Some popular pizza chains serve a variant of this style. This style is significantly popular across the world because of its ability to handle a large variety of topics paired with the condiments such as red chilli, and oregano flakes.


All that history about pizza, doesn’t it make you want to make one for yourself?

Yes! You can now easily make a pizza in 15minutes from the comfort of your home. All you’ll need is a pizza-making machine.


Make your Neapolitan Style Pizza in 5 steps


  1. Buy a gas pizza oven: You can never go wrong with the Pizza Sixty Gas Oven by Peng Essentials that is ready to cook your lip-smacking pizzas in minutes. All that the pizza oven needs is a gas cylinder and you are ready to start cooking on your outdoor pizza oven.


  1. Pre–Heat: Connect your pizza-making machine and let it preheat for 15 minutes. The Peng Essentials pizza sixty gas oven reaches temperatures up to 500℃, which will get your outdoor pizza oven ready to cook pizzas in just 60 seconds.



  1. Make the Pizza: Get yourself a pre-made pizza dough, or make one yourself. Add a thick layer of tomatoes, top it with fresh mozzarella cheese, add basil and olive oil and you are ready. To cook your first pizza.


  1. Cook the Pizza: The second last step of the process is fairly simple. All you gotta do is use the heat control dial to adjust the temperatures. Then put in your raw pizza and admire how fast it gets cooked in the Pizza Sixty Gas Oven by Peng Essentials



  1. Enjoy your Neapolitan Style Pizza.


Now, you know a little more about pizzas and how to make one. We know it won’t be long before you head to the website of Peng Essentials and order a Pizza Sixty Gas Oven for yourself. With this outdoor pizza gas oven, you can start your in-house pizzeria from the comfort of your backyard.