Planning a Get-together? We've just got the right Barbecue!

Only a barbecue is strong enough to bring vegetarians, vegans, and meat-lovers together. Apart from adding the crip and charred flavour to your food, what a barbecue also does is bring people together. And no other season suits a fresh barbecue than the summers.

But to host a get-together where you can turn heads with your barbecuing skills, you’ll need to know how to pick out a barbecue grill. Let us help you out here.


What to look for while choosing a Barbecue?

We have compiled four major points that you should remember while choosing a BBQ grill for the next get-together of your gang.


  • Mobility- Nobody wants to buy cookware online like a BBQ grill, and not be able to take it for adventures. A portable grill provides you with the ease of moving. Making it easier for you to carry your grill in the trunk of your car and set it up in the direction of the wind, wherever you’d like it.


  • Versatility- A barbecue grill is required to do various tasks. From grilling in a fresh-cut piece of steak to smoking mushrooms, bell peppers, or carrots. While buying kitchen appliances online we have to make sure that it can provide us with various applications.


  •  Efficiency- Going for a portable and compact BBQ grill, you can save on how much fuel is needed to whip up a meal. As the size of your barbecue increases so does the surface area and proportionally the amount of heat, resulting in burning through more fuel slowly. For even a large get-together. And due to its small size and lesser fuel consumption, you can even grill a steak or two just for yourself.


  •  Ease of Cleaning- Essentially the worst part of the night, cleaning up the grill after a party. But this trouble can be eased up by going for a compact and movable bbq. By carrying your bbq directly to the bin you can dump all the ash and leftovers without having to use another utensil.


Portable Charcoal Barbecue by Peng Essentials

Looking at these four essential points. Peng Essentials has come out with a unique portable drum barbeque that is made for the bbq lovers of our country with no compromises in any department.

Our Charcoal Barbecue comes equipped with an owner’s manual that is written by barbecue enthusiasts for the people who are yet to grill their first meal. But in essence, all the major features of the grill are.



  1. Charcoal-based barbecue will give your meals an authentic charred flavor.
  2. Improved burning efficiency with even heating across the grill.
  3. You choose between grilling or smoking.
  4. Compact and portable design.
  5. Warming rack for keeping your food warm while you prep the next batch.
  6. Clean up faster and better using our cleaning brush.


Portable Charcoal Barbecue by Peng Essentials offers you a quick and easy setup option for your next get-together. While it banks on its versatility as a smoker and a grill, it also doubles down on providing efficiency and ease of moving.