Peng Essentials was launched in August 2015 with a focus to introduce the Indian market with simple home utility products with an edge of incremental innovation to meet the demands of smaller living spaces in these modern times. We aim to be a part of every household through its high-quality and low-cost mantra which is possible as we believe and trust the ideology of Make in India. Our company visualises to sustain and grow into a manufacturer and retailer of high-quality home improvement and utility products keeping them at the most competitive costs globally working in a high-efficiency environment. We strive to achieve our peak potential with regard to maximum volume and timely deliveries to our customers. We aim at creating a healthy and work friendly environment for improvement of our employees and workers along with world class infrastructure supported by a strong and systematised organisational structure.

We are very well-equipped in our field in terms of our machinery and capacity. Our company follows the market trends in terms of design and quality which has helped us widen our range of products in terms of categories as well as variants. Our product range has increased from 2 items in 2016 to 30 in the beginning of 2017. Also, we have numerous items in development for future production. We believe in delivering home solutions which make the lives of our customers comfortable.