Peng Essentials was introduced in August 2015 and realized that the Indian market had a specific set of demands that were not being met by the existing brands in the home products industry, owing to their over-focus on larger items meant for use in bigger houses.

In order to reach out to those customers who wanted high quality, low priced smaller items for small spaces, we integrated the idea of making available most of the products in India, with other ideas we had to serve all kinds of markets looking for innovation and an exceptional level of service.

We want to become a part of every household through a high-quality, low-cost mantra, which is only possible if we believe and trust the ideology of Make in India. Our company strives to meet the needs of our customers while also keeping our prices fair and competitive.

We specialize in high-quality home improvement and utility products, both of which are a major factor in the purchasing decision for most people. We keep the lines of communication open with our customers because we realize that they are very important in helping us grow as a business through word-of-mouth referrals.

We aim to create a pleasant environment for the company by setting our standards high and encouraging all-around development for everyone here. We want to achieve this with an organized yet flexible structure that allows employees to work in sync toward mutual goals.

We manufacture high-quality products and follow the market trends closely to ensure that the quality of our products is never compromised. We make sure that we always have a wide range of different items in terms of types, colors, and sizes so that we can offer as many options as possible to our customers by catering to their individual needs or tastes.

We have managed to expand our range from 2 items in 2016 up to 30 items at the beginning of 2017. There are numerous goods currently under development for future production and our company continues to reinvent itself by introducing innovative goods that are already making a huge splash in booming markets!


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