Stainless Steel Skewers for Barbecue

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Pack of BBQ Metal Skewers contains ten individual skewers that are perfect for barbecues and outdoor dining. You can use them for kebabs, vegetables and numerous other stuff. The skewers can be used when you go out for picnics, camping, BBQ & more.

  • Our metal bbq skewers are durable unlike wooden skewers or bamboo skewers.
  • Our kebab skewers metal surface is smooth so that grilled food residue won’t stick onto it. After using, let these metal skewers for bbq sit in warm water, hand wash with gentle detergent and wipe it dry.
  • Perfect for grilling chicken, shrimp, meat, vegetables, etc. Ideal for barbecues, cocktail party, Diwali party, camping, etc.
  • skewers metal holds everything in place so the meat and veggies don't move around when you try to flip the skewer on the grill, resulting in beautiful grill marks.

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