Space Saver Wide Shoe Rack (4 Level 24 inch, Brown and White)

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pengessentialSKU: Peng-Essentials-Foldable-Shoe-Rack-Wide-Color-Oyster-White

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Slim and Space Saver shoe rack made of prime quality steel sheets with 100% powder coating. This can fit in any corner of the home and also outside the house. It comes with a lock and key arrangement. The whole unit can be locked with a single key. Lock has been placed at the top right corner. Wall Mounting will have to be done by customer. Number of Compartments: 4 Racks

Space Saver Wide 4 Level 20 inch and 4 Level 21 inch Shoe Rack (4 Level 20 inch, Brown and White)

  • Colour: White Brown
  • Shoe Rack
  • Long lasting product

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