BBG Grill Cooking Kit with Mesh and Mat, Set of 6 | Barbeque Accessories

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These BBQ accessories are made from high-quality materials, these BBQ tools are strong and difficult to bend. These BBQ accessories are rust proof and will not crack easily. Each BBQ tool has a ergonomic handle which is designed for comfort while cooking. With these tools, you can flip, skewer, and cook food like a real barbecue master.

Package Includes - Skewers , Steel Grill Tong , Steel Grill Fork, Grill Mesh, Grill Mat, Spatula.

This Grill Mesh converts your grill to a flat surface allowing you to smoke fish, vegetables, shrimp, wings, pizza and more! It allows more air circulation for your food to give it that extra smoky flavor.

Our BBQ mat was designed to work on all types of grills including gas, charcoal or electric. Our grill mat is thin enough to leave grill marks and flavor intact,and thick enough to provide ultimate heat resistance and durability.

This spatula is made from stainless steel,so it does not even bend when turning or lifting heavier foods. The slotted head is ideal for stir-frying or grilling as the oil or butter easily drains through the slots. The ergonomic handle is designed for comfort when cooking.

This Steel Grill Fork has sharp tines to hold meat in place for cutting. It is made from stainless steel and is designed for carving ,serving and transferring food to plates. It has comfortable grip for easy handling .

With this steel Tongs, cook with confidence, as the quality design allows for easy handling at safe distances from the flame. It has a non-slip handle with slim and serrated tips, which enables a tight grasp of small and slippery foods such as tomatoes,mushrooms, pasta and many more without any stress.

These BBQ skewers are durable, oven & grill safe, and the blades are also rust resistant for long term use. The skewers are designed to be flat in order to keep your food from moving while you are cooking it. This allows to obtain an even barbecue on all sides of your food.

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