Floral Print H-Leg Ironing Board Cover

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  • SIZE: Measure your Board - This Replacement Cover is made to fit a board of size Length 115cm & Width 36cm. Choose this cover if your length and width fall in the given dimensions, then it will fit perfectly.
  • FABRIC: 100% cotton printed fabric, laminated with soft Fiber Pad & fitted with drawstring and lock for easy installation. The drawstring enables you to tighten the cover around the board so it gets a creaseless fit.
  • QUALITY: Strong fabric and Fast colours will last you a long time. Scorch Resistant finish ensures the cover does not become easily discolored on excess heating. Tolerates high ironing temperatures. Cover & Pad is washable in cold water.
  • QUICK IRONING: Good quality cotton fabric and heat resistant fiber pad ensure smooth ironing at maximum efficiency and minimum electricity cost.

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