Charcoal Compact Barbecue with Wheels

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Peng EssentialsSKU: PNGBRB26

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  • Package Content: Compact Barbecue, 2 Metal Skewers
  • Diameter= 38 CM, Length=45 CM, Width=38 CM, Height= 85 CM
  • The drum barrel vents can control the air circulation and improve the burning efficiency of charcoal, the grill provides even heat and ensures the proper cooking of food.
  • The spacious cooking area can grill or smoke, easy enjoy double flavor delicious food! With the warming rack, you can put grilled food on the shelf to keep it warm without worrying about it being burnt.
  • When it comes to flavor, what you get on a BBQ, you tend not to get anywhere else. Intense heat and flames will cook your food differently than it would on a stovetop or in the oven, even if you use liquid smoke. They caramelize the surface while keeping juices in, giving a different taste and texture. If you choose to use a charcoal or wood fired grill, then you also get those tasty, natural smoky flavors.

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