Types of Laundry Drying Racks, And Why You Should Use Them

“The monsoon season is right on the cusp of meeting our sub-continent. We are expecting a delayed but rest assured a very wet monsoon this year said, the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD).

Although your head might not go instantly to a drying rack after hearing about monsoons, it is an important conversation to have before the rain starts pouring down. A drying rack might not be the most exciting equipment but it comes in handy during the rainy season. And given that there are so many variations available, we thought we’ll help you out in picking your next cloth drying stand online through this guide.


Over the Door Vertical Hanging Cloth Drying Rack

An expandable drying rack that goes right behind your doors saving you precious indoor space. This drying rack is the perfect pick for small homes and apartments that have no balconies for drying cloth. Useful for them throughout the year, this product can be useful for everyone during the monsoon.


  1. Easy to use and set up.
  2. Its’s collapsible design ensures the usage of only as many racks as required.
  3. Spacious Alignment of Racks to make sure that the clothes are evenly spaced out to allow faster drying.

Twingo Cloth Drying Stand

The perfect drying rack for drying large loads of laundry. Its sturdy 4 point contact at the floor design makes sure that it can take heavy loads at once as well. An added benefit of this type of drying stand is that it is portable and easily movable. The rack comes pre-assembled all you need to do before usage is to unfold it and you are good to go.


  1. Is large to allow more load to be dried simultaneously.
  2. The lower rack can be used to dry shoes as well.
  3. Portable, and Lightweight.


Towel and Cloth Drying Stand

A stainless steel cloth drying rack that is durable and lightweight at the same time. You can place this rack anywhere from your laundry room to the lawn. Its steel rods provide higher load-bearing capacity to the stand while the large hanging space allows your clothes to get air-dried faster. You can use it to dry anything from your sweaters, underwear, towels, socks and jeans.


  1. Anti Skid feet provide sturdiness.
  2. The durable stainless steel structure will last forever.
  3. Top Lock System to ensure that the stand doesn’t collapse on itself.


Practical Balcony Eco Cloth Drying Hanger Rack

This is the drying rack which will come in handy when you are looking to sun dry your clothes from your apartment’s balcony. This drying rack is perfect for apartment living families. This rack is made of aluminium which ensures durability and hence it is capable of withstanding the harsh temperatures and weather conditions of the outdoors.


  1. Can be used on balconies, windowsills, guardrails, or bathrooms.
  2. Built to last with premium quality aluminium.
  3. Modern and Sleek Design.


Final Words

These are a few of the most practical and durable drying racks that can come in handy next time you do a load of laundry, especially in the monsoons. We hope this guide has helped you and in case your search is still not complete, maybe you should check out the ceiling cloth drying stand instead.