A Buying Guide for Toasters: 5 Questions to Keep in Mind

A basic piece of amenity that is a must in our households is a toaster. Now, given that the market is flooded with options and opinions, it is hard to make a buying decision for consumers.

To solve this informational overload and help you in enjoying the goodness of sizzling toast with eggs/peanut butter/jam. We have prepared a comprehensive guide that can help you in buying a bread toaster online. Read on to learn more.


What to look for when buying a toaster?

When it comes to toasters for everyday personal needs, a pop-up toaster is hands-down the crowd favourite and our recommendation too. But pop-up toasters come in two forms: a two-slice toaster oven and a four-slice toaster oven.


Deciding between two is easy! All you need to do is, ask yourself the following questions:


How many people do you need the toaster for?

If you are buying a toaster only for yourself, then you should go for a regular 2 slice pop-up toaster. Whereas if you are going to be using it for your whole family, your best bet would be to opt for a pop-up toaster 4 slice.


What features do you want in your toaster?

The world has moved on from the basic toaster. Today, you can use your toaster to defrost or reheat. Whereas you can even adjust how brown you want your bread to get. The best part is these toasters come with a cancel button that can stop toasting at any time that you want.

If these all look too much for your taste, hey, you can always go for a familiar basic toaster.


Are you looking to toast just bread?

We need to have a clear picture in mind as to what we are going to use our toaster for majorly. While a toaster can be used to heat a pizza slice too, people often look at toasters to get their bread done.


How does it go with the aesthetic of your kitchen and its cleanability?

Any kitchen appliance that you add to your arsenal should not look as if it is out of place. Hence, it is essential to make sure that the toaster’s design adds to the ever so charming aesthetic appeal of your kitchenette.

In addition to adding appeal, we need to make sure that the toaster comes with options and features that make it easy to clean. Look for a removable tray. It is your best bet here.

 Which is the most reliable toaster? (2 Slice or 4 Slice)

We opine that reliability doesn’t depend on the number of slice options, but rather on the internal circuitry, heating elements used and the overall built quality. What we suggest you do is make sure to check the reviews and the warranty on the toaster before buying your bread toaster machine.

Is a higher watt toaster better?

In essence, the higher the power (watt) input into your toaster the faster your toast is getting done.

What is the best toaster to buy?

We’ll help you out with some of the most loved bread toasters available online:

Best 2-slice pop-up toaster: Sabichi Two Slice Toaster (Black)

Best 4-slice pop-up toaster: Sabichi 4 Slice Black Toaster

Best Premium Toasters:

  1. Haden Cotswold Sage Toaster
  2. Heritage 4 Slice Toaster Turquoise
  3. Perth Toaster 4 Stainless Steel

Which is the Best Seller Electric Toaster?

Our best-selling bread toaster 4 slice is the Sabichi 4 Slice which is currently available on our website at a flat 50% discount. Click Here to know more.


We hope that this guide helps you in finding the best toaster possible. Let us know what guide we should do next. Cheers!