11 Kitchen Storage Ideas That Will Free up So Much Space

Announce your kitchen cabinets and countertops once and for all with your smart and easy kitchen organization ideas. If you feel that you do not have enough storage in the kitchen despite having a sufficient number of drawers and cabinets, it may come down to how you are storing things. If the objects inside it are completely disorganized, then all the storage space in the world did not help.

Discover the best kitchen storage organization ideas that will help you get the most out of your storage space and can even make the most. To make your kitchen more functional and less chaotic try these talents to store coral clutter and cooking essentials.

1). Store utensils in a cutlery tray:

You separate your forks, knives and spoons, so why not your cooking utensils? Store spoons, spatulas and whispers in separate containers so you don't have to dig through the trickle of equipment to find the right one.

2). Install hooks to hang mugs:

Mugs are essential for morning coffee, but they take up shelf space and do not stack well. A simple solution is to install the hook under a shelf or cabinet and hang the mug from its handle.

3). Get a cutting board that fits over your sink:

Counter space is always at a premium, but there is an easy fix: get a cutting board that fits over the sink to create an extra space for chopping. Many have built-in colanders that help in blowing air.

4). Decant bulk items:

Get organized with plastic cans or large glass jars. To keep the mass content in containers clean and visible.

5). Add extra storage space to the side of your fridge:

In addition to being very easy to install, very easy (just ... stick it right there), a magnetic shelf is also, of course, removable: perfect for renters.

6). Install a pot rack:

Take advantage of vertical space by sitting on the stove or adding a pot rack to help make room in your cabinet. If you have a low ceiling, consider installing it on the kitchen sink.

7). Add dividers for lids, baking sheets, and pans

Whenever you open the cabinet door, there is always an avalanche of loud noises or eyelashes, it is time to organize those pots and pans. Install some pan dividers and stack pots and lids within the cabinet. You can also arrange baking sheets and pans by placing dividers stacked on the shelf.

8). Use riser to get more storage in each shelf:

Take advantage of that empty vertical space by placing risers in cabinets. This will help keep things separate, so that you don't have to try to get something out of the middle of a huge pile.

9). Hang Your Stemware:

This bartender's solution keeps your stemware stored in style. You can hang it under a cabinet and display your wine glass, or you can tuck it inside for hidden storage.

10). Mount your dish rack

The little prep area you have on the counter is better than adding a shelf above the sink for air drying - if it's really a designated dish rack that makes them straight.

11). Bring in baskets and bins

If you can't keep things out of sight, at least keep them organized. Invest in some beautiful baskets and containers to place items on the counter.