Silicone Splatter Guard

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  • Protect yourself from the hot spitting oils of your pots and pans with Sabichi silicone splatter guard. Made to let ample steam through while blocking unnecessary contents from scorching your skin.
  • Sabichi silicone splatter guard is extremely heat resistant, efficiently handling up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Helps safeguard users from being hit by dangerous grease and oil splatter.
  • The silicone splatter guard is dishwasher safe and is easily wiped/maintained. Simply wash the kitchen tool with water and dish soap for a quick and efficient cleaning.
  • This silicone splatter guard is used for blocking oil splatter, slight steaming, and can be used to drain water also.
  • Made with high-quality heat-resistant material with a wooden handle to ensure users don't burn their hand

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