Flat Brush Silicone Grey

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  • Stylish design
  • Easy to use
  • Premium quality


The flat silicone oil brush has several uses in the kitchen, including coating bread in oil or melted butter for crostini-style foods and basting meat in pan sauces or marinades. You can also use them to apply egg wash or spread glaze on pastries before baking them. They make it simple to properly pour pizza sauce over the dough or to mix cake crumbs before frosting.

This brush allow you to paint a dinner plate with vibrant sauce or apply a drop of water to seal the edges of ravioli, dumplings, and turnovers before baking. It can be used purely as a brush for applying marinades, or you can use the baster feature to draw fluids from a pan and then release them through the bristles to baste a piece of meat, roasting vegetables, or anything else that benefits from a repeated dosage of moisture while it cooks.


  • The brush is useful in many applications, whether in the barbecue, kitchen, grilling, roasting, baking Also, it works great on a variety of foods, including meats, pastries, cakes, bread
  • Soft bristles provide superior surface coverage and fluid retaining capacity
  • A soft, comfortable grip makes it a joy to baste; safe and easy to clean
  • Multiple layers of silicone bristle feature gaps in the center to hold liquids better as they are transferred from bowl to food
  • Ideal For Non-Stick Cookware with a silicone head and bamboo handle. Size- 22.5*5 CM

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