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The flat silicone oil brush serves a multitude of purposes in the kitchen: you can use them to apply an egg wash or spread glaze on pastries before you bake them, coat a piece of bread with oil or melted butter for crostini-type items, or baste a piece of meat with pan sauces or a marinade. They handily whisk crumbs from a cake before you frost it or make it easy to evenly spread pizza sauce across the dough. Small brushes help you apply a dab of water to seal the edges of ravioli, dumplings, and turnovers before you bake them, or transform a plain dinner plate into a canvas of colorful sauce. You can use it solely as a brush for marinades, or you can use the baster feature to pull juices from a pan, then release them through the bristles to baste a piece of meat or roasting vegetables or anything that benefits from a repeated dose of moisture while it cooks. 

  • The brush is useful in many applications, whether in the barbecue, kitchen, grilling, roasting, baking. Also, it works great on a variety of foods, including meats, pastries, cakes, bread. 
  • Soft bristles provide superior surface coverage and fluid retaining capacity
  • A soft, comfortable grip makes it a joy to baste; safe and easy to clean
  • Multiple layers of silicone bristle feature gaps in the center to hold liquids better as they are transferred from bowl to food
  • Ideal For Non-Stick Cookware with a silicone head and bamboo handle. Size- 22.5*5 CM.


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