Perth 28 Centimeter Square Grill Pan and Sleek 20L Microwave- Slate Grey


Sale priceRs. 9,549.00


Haden Perth Sleek Slate Grey Microwave Beautifully sophisticated the Perth sleek range will leave your kitchen looking super stylish. Featuring a 20ltr capacity, 800W .Introducing cookware by Haden, our Perth sleek cookware range features a forged aluminium body with cast stainless steel handles and knobs with Goldstone non-stick technology. The Goldstone pan offers a superb non-stick coating, which means that food never sticks to the pan, so you can eat healthily by cooking virtually fat free. Toughened forged Aluminium body, it is designed to make cooking quicker and easier. The Goldstone technology offers a truly incredible cooking surface which allows you to cook and clean pans easily The ergonomic handle is cast from stainless steel with strong and secure rivet fixings, making the range oven safe up to 210°C. Goldstone Pans are made without PFOA. power, defrost, re-heat & cooking functions & digital controls for easy use. The Perth sleek slate grey microwave has a matching kettle & four slice toaster available.

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