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PeriIla Isabella Pink Aluminium Fourway Pink Cloth Dryer Rack

A Cloth Stand for your Home This expandable collapsible butterfly winged fourway cloth drying stand provides a convenient way of drying your clothes indoors. Thanks to the steel hanger pipes, there is no rusting problem!.Does not occupy much space due to vertical installation.It is suitable to store in dry environments.Give your automatic dryer a break and save the environment and a few pennies with our drying racks.Place them in your laundry room or outside on the patio or balcony to dry your clothes, and fold them and stash them away when done - they don’t take up much space.You can dry socks, trousers and t-shirts across the 16.5-metre long drying lengthenough to hold around two load of laundry.A special coating protects it against scratches or damage when it is being moved from room to room.Is there anything better than the smell of freshly washed laundry? Wet clothes dry quickly and easily on the perilla dryer. It is stable, manufactured to a high standard and provides enough space for up to two load of laundry, making it just the right size for a one family. Lots of room for your laundry even when space in your home is limited, just hang it over your door whenever you need to use it and fold it when not in use saving alot of space and providing you with maximum drying capacity in the limited space

The crossed base frame makes the dryer extremely easy to put up and take down. When it has been folded down,it can be stored almost anywhere. Fordable, easy to carry It is suitable for you to store in moisture-free and dry environments

PeriIla Isabella Pink Aluminium Fourway Pink Cloth Dryer Rackcomes with a unique design and idea of consuming limited space with maximum usage this vertical hanging model is the best among clothes dryers. The retractable winged dryer provides enough room for plenty of laundry

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