Peng Essentials H-Leg Ironing Boards with Cable


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The ironing board from Peng Essential is the essential tool to keep all of your garments pressed and ironed. With a 115 x 36 cms perforated steel top, the board provides ample ironing surface for garments of all sizes. The 100% cotton cover and foam pad provide a comfortable ironing surface. The ironing board easily adjusts to any height, up to 69 up to 90cm, in. tall. A sturdy, riveted, durable metal H-leg provides more stability and a patented leg lock design allows easy transport and storage. Made in India. Peng Essential is the only Indian. Manufacturer of ironing boards. 

  • Ironing Board Size: 115 x36 cms, Adjustable Height at 7 different levels and includes a cable manager to organize your Iron power cable.
  • "The board measures 115x 36 cm and has a gently curved end which will assist with ironing collars of shirts or even fitted sheets. "
  • "Featuring a lovely soft fabric cover in a black-spotted leopard design, this board will look aesthetically in almost all kinds of the laundry room or bedroom setup. "
  • "It has a grey powder-coated frame and an adjoining jumbo iron rest which will safely house your iron while the board is in use. "
  • "The metal ironing board neatly folds away, making a brilliant space-saving feature for incredibly convenient storage every day. "

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