Peng Essentials Folding Ironing Board with Silicone Stoppers & Iron Holder


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The type of ironing board or surface you use to iron on plays a fundamental role. For example, if the board is not breathable, all the steam will return upwards, leaving the item very damp and, in some cases, creating the risk of burns. The surface of the ironing board heats up, allowing fabrics to dry more quickly and guaranteeing faster and easier ironing. Ironed items can be put away immediately. Items don't move around on the board, avoiding the creation of wrinkles. In addition, the breathable surface allows the steam to penetrate further into the fabric, and eliminates excess steam, leaving the board dry. It’s the structure of the portable ironing board that makes it so much convenient. 

  • IRON YOUR CLOTHES FASTER AND BETTER: Boasting special, heat reflective technology that accommodates temperatures up to 380°C and allows you to achieve better results in 40% less time, this board cover is a must-have for busy individuals looking for efficiency and convenience.
  • IRON HOLDER & SILICONE STOPPERS: Silicone stoppers protecting the soleplate of the iron it has Vapor permeable wide mono block sheet plate
  • HEAT RESISTANT FABRIC: Electrostatic epoxy powder paint it has Comfortable to use iron sheet Maximum anti-slip and balance with patented foot plastic with Non-flammable silicone component for iron base
  • STURDY AND DURABLE: Provides maximum carrying and balance with double wiping.

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