Cotton Mittens with Silicone Grabs

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  • Antibactrial protection
  • Provides better comfort
  • Washable


Made from high-grade heat-resistant silicone, this little gadget shields your arm against those nasty burns from your oven's metal racks. Our mittens come with patterned grip surfaces to reduce the risk of accidents. Never again worry about slipping plates, hot pans, or steamy ovens, lets you work with food in hot water or oil.


  • 1 pair of Peng Essentials mittens made of soft cotton, and the tong-tips that contact hot surfaces are made of silicone, which will help shield your hands from heat up to 235°C.
  • The non-slip silicone on the outer surface of the oven gloves confirms a stable and steady grip on a scorching skillet or any cooking utensil.
  • Experience easy safe cooking, with our extra-long, cotton mittens with silicone grabs. No more using a traditional mitt that doesn’t protect your hands & forearms, catch fire, melts & gets waterlogged; causing burns.
  • The outer part of the mitten is made from soft food-grade silicon, making it universally fitting for both males & females and ensuring flexibility & maximum safety grip. This means they are perfect for using with pans, grills, barbecues, stoves; pizza, toasters, microwave & dutch Ovens.

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