Haden Salcombe Kettle 1.7L Black and Copper

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The Salcombe range of kettle and toaster sets by Haden will lend an elegant touch to any kitchen. Sophisticated in black, with sleek copper accents, this kettle features a 1.7 litre capacity, convenient water viewing window and scale, light indicator during boiling and a spare filter.

Haden Perth Sleek Slate Grey Kettle 1.7-Litre Beautifully sophisticated the Perth sleek range will leave your kitchen looking super stylish. Featuring a 1.7ltr capacity, water level gauge, a light indicator during boiling and it includes a spare filter.

  • Sleek and sophisticated the Perth range of kettles have a modern shape with a stylish coloured finish and chrome accents.
  • The water viewing window and scale makes it easy to see how much water is in the kettle and makes for easy and accurate filling.
  • With a 360° rotation this kettle is cordless when removed from the base, it also has 1.7ltr capacity making 6-8 cups.
  • This kettle is BPA free meaning no harsh chemicals are coming in to contact with the water, it also comes with a spare filter.
  • Replacement Warranty is applicable for all products which have a manufacturing defect within the specified warranty period

Product FAQs:-

  1. What can I boil in my kettle?
    It is strongly recommended WATER is the only liquid or substance to be boiled in a kettle.

  2. How do I clean my kettle?
    Before cleaning makes sure you have unplugged your kettle and let it cool down. Wipe with a damp cloth, then dry. Do not use abrasives because they will scratch the metal and plastic surfaces. Even though your kettle comes with a filter, you still need to clean the inside (and the filter) regularly. Remove the filter by holding the tab and then lifting the filter out. Regular descaling of the flat element will improve the performance of your kettle. Supermarket proprietary descalers or vinegar can be used to descale your kettle.

  3. How often should my kettle be de-scaled?
    Every few months in hard water areas or if obvious scaling has taken place. Scaling of the element will shorten the life of the product.

  4. What should I be careful about when using my kettle?
    Always be aware while the appliance is operating, paying special attention to the steam coming out of the spout, which is very hot.

    • Also, pay attention to the fact that the body of a stainless steel kettle becomes very hot during operation. Do not touch the kettle other than by the handle.
    • Children should be supervised to ensure that they do not play with the appliance.
    • If the power cable is damaged, it should be replaced by the manufacturer, its after-sales service, or a similarly qualified person to avoid any danger.

  5. Can I put more water in than the full line and boil it?
    It may look like there is more space for water, but if you put in over the maximum it was designed for, it may leak when the water boils. Please do not overfill the kettle.

  6. Can I leave the remaining hot water after boiling the kettle?
    To reduce water staining and prevent leakage from the kettle tipping over, we recommend that you empty the kettle after use.

  7. The inside of my kettle is black or brown?
    In some regions where the water contains high levels of iron, the natural lime deposit inside your kettle may take on a brown or black color.

  8. What should I do before using the device for the first time?

    Prior to first use, rinse the interior of your kettle and bring water to a boil once or twice.

  9. Why does my kettle switch off before it has boiled?
    The kettle may have accidentally been used without water or with insufficient water (an element must always be covered by water), causing the safety cut-off device to operate.

    Reset in the following way:
    1) Wait 5 minutes for the kettle to cool and then refill with water.
    2) Push the on/off switch and after about 15 minutes the kettle will automatically reset itself and start to boil.

  10. The power switch doesn’t work?
    Immediately after boiling, the sensor that automatically turns the power off will be hot, and the power switch may not operate. Wait until the sensor has cooled and then try again.

  11. Why is my kettle leaking?
    You may have overfilled the kettle causing water to either leak down the outsides of the kettle when boiling or water to get into the internal steam vent which means water will appear at the base of the kettle on the work surface. Also, the condensation on the lid may have dripped down onto the work surface.

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