BBQ Kebab Roasting Skewer Stainless Steel Meat Fork, Set of 5

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Suitable for barbecue, indoor grilling, outdoor BBQ, family dinner and more occasions, Compare with cheaper skewers, Metal skewers can be reusable and continue to use next time, Save money and more environmentally-friendly

  • Engineered to remain rigid, not bend under the weight of the meat, sturdy and re-usable. This means you can create delicious kebabs for years to come, ideal for barbecue buffs, party hosts and commercial caterers.
  • Our luxurious stainless steel barbecue skewers are constructed with a heavy duty blade which won't rust!
  • Get 5 in 1 package! Each skewer measures 16 inches in length, long and wide enough to hold everything from any meat, vegetables, fruit kebabs, or for testing cakes!
  • No need to fret over your kebab skewers, after you lined them up on your charcoal or gas grill, they will lie flat and till you come back and flip them over. So close the lid and let your heat and smoke intensify the flavor – in a few minutes you will have food so great; it will make you sop your plate
  • Happiness is bbq, friends and backyard: enjoy your backyard barbecue while hanging with your family and friends.

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