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Peng Essentials Hands-Free Door Opener with Foot Operated Push N' Pull (Silver)

Quick Overview

Prevents Virus Transmission - Home, Office, Restaurants, Restroom, Shopping Malls etc.
Eliminate the spread of germs, prevent cross-contamination, reduce costs.
Works on all commercial solid wooden or metal doors regardless of the door’s size or weight. (Not suitable for glass doors)
Do-it-yourself (DIY) installation | 5 minutes or less #StayClean #StaySafe
"Pull open doors with your foot. No need to use your hands Avoid germs on your hands"

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" Foot Handle is a unique but simple device which allows you to open a door hands free by using your foot or even a walking stick.It is a metal plate with a serrated lip which screws into the bottom of the door allowing a person to step on to it and pull the door open. Made of heavy duty aluminium and with an anodised finished, it is environmentally friendly, built to last a lifetime.It is easy to install in around 5 minutes and comes complete with installation manual & screws. ★ WHY SHOULD I BUY? - Prevents Virus Transmission Low cost No maintenance Eco friendly Easily installed No hidden charges ★ HOW DO I USE? As you approach the door, position your body as though you were going to use the door handle. If you would use your left hand to pull the door handle then the left foot will be used. If you would use your right hand to pull the door handle then the right foot will be used. Place your foot on the top of the door peddle, press down just enough to gain traction. Pull your foot and leg back as though you were taking a step. Simply step and pull. Typically enough door momentum will be gained to actually swing the door open and out of your way. Depending on your shoe type, you may want to try different shoe angles or positions in order to find the one that yields the most grip."

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